Cerner Events

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 February 2017

Event Location Date
Regulatory Alignment Summit #1 Kansas City, MO Feb 8-9

 March 2017

Event Location Date
Regulatory Alignment Summit #2 Kansas City, MO Mar 1-2
CNO Forum Salt Lake City, UT Mar 13-15
European Cerner Clinician Community London, UK Mar 13
European Collaboration Forum London, UK Mar 13-16
 Soarian Regulatory Alignment Summit Malvern, PA Mar 28-29

April 2017

Event Location Date
Regulatory Alignment Summit #3 Kansas City, MO Apr 4-5
Security Council - Spring Kansas City, KS Apr 4-5
Pediatric Leadership Council - Spring Kansas City, MO Apr 11-13
Regulatory Alignment Summit #4 Kansas City, MO Apr 26-27

May 2017

Event Location Date
CommunityWorks Summit Kansas City, MO  May 2-4
Canada Collaboration Forum Whistler, BC May 8-10

Cerner Collaboration Forum

  • CareAware Summit
  • Cerner Physician Community
  • Ambulatory Summit
  • Population Health Summit
Kansas City, MO  May 16-18

 Australia Regional User Group

 Brisbane, AUS  May 17-19

Middle East Collaboration Forum

Dubai, UAE May 21-23

Rehabilitation Council

Kansas City, MO May 24-25

June 2017

Event Location Date
 International Live Berlin, Germany Jun 13-14

July 2017

Event Location Date
Leadership Forum Chicago, IL Jul 16-18

August 2017

Event Location Date
Cybersecurity Summit  Pasadena, CA Aug 3
Patient Care Executive Council Kansas City, MO Aug 29-30

September 2017

Event Location Date
Pediatric Leadership Council -  Fall Miami, FL Sep 13-15
Security Council - Fall Kansas City, KS Sep 19-20

October 2017

Event Location Date
Cerner Physician Community - Fall Kansas City, MO Oct 8-9
Revenue Management Symposium Kansas City, MO Oct 8-12
Cerner Health Conference Kansas City, MO Oct 9-12

**Please note: All council meetings are invite only.


*Please check back for additional events added to the 2018 calendar!


June 2018

Event Location Date
 International Live Barcelona, Spain Jun 11-13